The search in our catalogue is not intuitive enough ? Below you will find useful information to help you to “navigate” through the catalogue and quickly find the Silverback® compatible accessories you need (if part of our manufacturing catalog of course)…

After getting connected to the website, by clicking on “catalogue” in the main menu for the first time, you are positioned by default on the “Best seller +” tab. This tab presents a short list of accessories that are most popular with our customers.

On the right of the « Best seller+ » tab, following tabs divides the catalog into different categories of accessories, all the accessories of the same category being grouped together in the same tab, named after this category (if you want, for example, to consult the Silverback’s® batteries, click on the “Batteries” tab and navigate in the list of compatible available batteries).

Within the catalogue page by clicking on the reference of an item you get access to a detailed product sheet. This sheet also allows to check if this accessory is compatible with the interested equipment and to consult any documents that may be available (datasheet, certificates, software downloads, etc.). It will also present other related accessories for this article and allow to view it by clicking on its reference.

The last tab on the right, marked with a magnifying glass, displays a personalized list of catalogue accessories, depending on the entries and choices made in the search and select banner.

You can initiate a search in the selection banner accessible in all tabs. The search result will always appear in the "magnifying glass" tab (screen will automatically be positioned in this tab after the search).

You have 2 search and select modes at your disposal, so that you can find the right Silverback® accessories for your equipment as easily, quickly and intuitively as possible :

The "Full text search" (intuitive search with a search engine) allows to enter the beginning of a word (at least 2 letters), a word or several words (separated by a space between each of them). The words entered are processed by applying a "& logical" operation. After clicking on the small magnifying glass on the right of the search field, the catalogue is then filtered and all the accessories corresponding to the search are displayed. For each item, the search points out all the information contained in the site's database (Reference, Description, Category, Subcategory, Characteristics, etc. of the Silverback® accessory list, or the Brand, Series, Model, etc. of the equipment for which the search has been processed for one or more accessories). Adding filters is a must by selecting the "Novelty" button (accessories that have been recently marketed) and/or the "Best sellers" button (accessories that are the most purchased by our customers). These 3 filters (Full text search, Novelty and Best sellers) are processed by applying a "& logical" operation to them. Delete the search criteria by clicking on the icons represented by trash cans. 

The "Advanced Search", more structured and guided, allows to establish a multiple selection from a set of characteristic elements of the compatible accessory(s) needed, and/or the material/equipment (product) for which the search is made for. A wide list of keywords, which characterize the materials/equipment (products) used in the AUTO-ID sector, allows to search and select the accessories compatible with them in a precise and quick way. All the selected characteristic elements are processed by applying a "& logical" operation.

The selected characteristic elements are processed by applying a "& logical" operation. Each element can be deleted/removed from the selection by clicking on the adjacent garbage icon, or, only for the keyword values (see below) and once they have been selected, by clicking on the red cross to the right of each keyword value in the list that appears in the lower part of the selection bar. To delete all the selections at once click on the red trash icon. After the choice has been made, and possibly after each modification made, click on the magnifying glass icon of the banner so as to validate the selection and start, or restart, the search for the corresponding Silverback® accessories in the catalog.

- With reference to the Silverback® compatible accessories in interest, to carry out search/selection, the following characteristic elements are accessible :

  • Free text:

Following the same logic applied for the "Full text search" (see above, but the search here only points to the Part Number, Designation and Description of the accessories), this free field allows to enter a beginning of a word (at least 2 letters), a word or several words (separated by a space between each of them). But unlike the "full text search", the catalogue is not filtered in real time, here a list of accessories corresponding to the search is displayed in the drop-down field/menu located just to the right (green rectangle). After selection from the list, the accessory or accessories in interest (see next point) are displayed.

  • Multiple choice list/drop-down menu:
By default, the list is empty. It is It is filling up according to the selection made in the "Free text" search field (see previous point). To display the list of values in the drop-down menu, click on the arrow to the far right of the field. It is possible later to filter the list. For this there is a free input field at the top of the drop-down menu. The filter only applies here to the Reference and Designation (visible on the screen) of the items in the list. To select/deselect, one by one, the accessories from the list, simply click on the corresponding line. Selecting the while displayed accessories in the list is possible by clicking on "Select All" or deselect them all by clicking on "Deselect All". But be careful, you can only select a maximum of 100 references at the same time (the number of selectable accessories appears in the green rectangle, in brackets). Beyond this maximum, an error message will appear during the validation of your search and you will then have to deselect references to respect the limit. 
To exit the drop-down menu, click once outside the drop-down menu, or press the "Esc" key on the keyboard. 
  • Silverback® category : This is the same Accessory Category used to segment the catalog into the different tabs (see above). In this drop-down menu, selection is made one by one.
  • Sub-category (Silverback®) : To ease searches/selections and provide additional information, for each Category, we have defined Subcategories of accessories. In this drop-down menu, Subcategory are selected one by one.
  • Characteristics: Here you can make a selection to search for accessories that meet certain characteristics you need (e. g. battery capacity >= 5000 mAh). You can only select one characteristic at a time.

- With reference to the material/equipment (product) in search for which one or many compatible accessories are available a multiple selection drop-down form allows to perform the search/selection.

On the "Compatible with hardware" line, the following characteristics (keywords) are available :

  • Type of keyword : Select the type of keyword (brand, series, product model, etc.) for the search of compatible Silverback® accessories. Select the value of the keyword related to this type of keyword (see next point). The selection of the keyword type is not mandatory. If no selection, all available keyword values appear in the "Keyword Value" drop-down menu.
  • Keyword value :
    Select from the drop-down menu list the compatibility feature(s) you are looking for. To do this, simply click on it, one after the other, they will be automatically selected.
    You can filter the list to narrow it down and access what you are interested in more quickly. For this purpose, you have a free input field at the top of the drop-down menu. The filter applies to the values visible on the screen in the list.
    All the selections you make here appear as you go along in a list created on the last line of the selection/search banner.
    Special note : the various selections made are processed by using a logical AND.
    Cancelling one or more selection is made by clicking on the red cross on the right of each value in the list (don't miss to click on the on the magnifying glass icon to restart and update the search in the catalog).

Remarks :

- The first value in the list, for each type of keyword, is always "UNIVERSAL - keyword type". By selecting it, only get "universal" Silverback® accessories will appear. Therefore  compatible with all the values in the list of the corresponding keyword type.
These "universal" accessories will also appear in all other search results that include one or more keywords from this same list, for a given corresponding keyword type.
However this "universality" does not necessarily always apply to all the values in the list (e. g. a potentially universal battery charger is not compatible with a fixed printer). For better targeted results it is good to select at least one Silverback® Category and/or one Product Category.

- If in the proposed list of a keyword type, no searched product appears (e. g. your device brand), select the last "generic" keyword if it exists (e. g. "OTHER BRANDS (narrow the search)"). Check the list of accessories offered, if there are one or more accessories that interest you.
To narrow down this list and better target the search, refine it by selecting other keyword values for other keyword types.

- The keyword "Cable connector type" refers to the type(s) of connector(s) installed on the Silverback® cable and on the equipment.

Finally, it is possible to select the "Novelties" (accessories that have recently been launched) and/or the "Best sellers" (accessories that are most purchased by our customers), using the corresponding buttons.

Reminder: All filters, including those on Novelties and Best sellers, are processed by applying a "& logical" operation.

Warning: when switching from one type of search to another (full text; advanced), the selected list of accessories is retained. It may not match the search criteria, so remember to click on the trash cans to delete the list if you want...  

In any case, as long as there is an active session on the website, the last search/selection is always kept in the “magnifying glass” tab of the catalog, even when exiting this tab. It is possible to return at any time in the search tab to retrieve the result of the last selection.

Once selection completed and the search launched, it is possible to reduce the selection banner (to increase the number of accessories visible on a page) by clicking on the crossed-out eye icon, placed on the far right of the orange line in the catalogue header. To make the selection banner reappear, simply click on the eye icon again (not crossed out this time).

N.B.: this Information page is opened in a new tab of your browser (to allow you to read it and, at the same time, to carry out your search in the catalogue).     

We wish you a pleasant visit and a fruitful navigation on our site, especially when finding the compatible accessories you need...


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